Urban Culture Decoded Book Cover, By The Black Dot

Book:  Urban Culture Decoded



Controversial New Book to Suggest Tackling Nation’s Societal Plagues with Sex, Drugs & Alcohol.  Bring an Open Mind!


Meticulously researched and crafted by author The Black Dot, ‘Urban Culture Decoded – A Critical Analysis of the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual State of a New Generation’ suggests saving the United States by exploiting the very things plaguing it.  From using drug proceeds to fund college education to embracing sex and drugs as an empowering force behind spirituality, The Black Dot directly addresses society’s elephants in a way no other author would dare.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


A Manifesto for a New Era

These are troubling times, however all is not lost. This book really keeps it "100" in describing what's going on in the "streets" and challenges all of us to vibrate to a higher frequency to solve our problems. This is a must read for all.

-Jeff R. Lewison


Your favorite author's favorite author

In my humble opinion, Black Dot's lessons are a must have for your library. Anyone blessed with the curiosity of knowing yourself and our universe know how before it's time (and after really...) this knowledge is. Your favorite author's favorite author. This is what the philosophers and "idea" people of tomorrow read today.

-Trei Hill


Very logical and well thought out opinions!

I first heard of the author when I watched a youtube lecture he was involved with on the Straight Outta Compton movie. A lot of people were blaming NWA and "gangsta" rap for most of our current problems in the "urban" community. Black Dot explained his view very well and I felt he was a kindred spirit on that subject because for the most part he was saying what I was thinking. And of course he plugged his book. So that is what made me curious about it.


After reading this book I fully realized even more that Black Dot may be a kindred spirit in seeing our issues from a logical objective standpoint. He gets it. And he seems to be a big fan of logic thinking but with a solid foundation in knowlege of self to back it up. This book does very well breaking down the possible thought processes of a new generation and how the older generations factor into how they view the world. I feel this would be a good book for teenagers, adults, or elders. And how often does that happen? Great job Black Dot!

-Kevin Tic Robinson



Easy Read -- great book if you grew up in the HOOD


Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

Awesome book, easy to follow and read. It doesn't have a lot of political jargon or anything that makes it hard to follow. The concepts are real and its like we already know, but he puts it together nicely.



For the People of The Planet this is a Must Read Everyone should have a Copy of this book on their Shelves and in their Home!

Word Up! This is a Must read for all who have experienced or have been influenced in some way or another by our culture of Hip Hop which is this particular World's true culture. So in other words all 8.5 billion people, the trillions of life forms on the planet and all life forms organic and inorganic in this entire universe have been and are being influenced by the Culture of Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop is a world wide or better yet a Universal culture in which all magnetic forces are and should gravitate toward. This particular book presented and spoken through by The Black Dot is essential reading for people both young and so-called old who can and will understand and overstand the messages presented. This is truly a book given to the next generations which will be a major part of the new "Bible" 50-100 years from now! It's a must read Word Up!!...


As we propagate through this place called space on/in our spaceship called Earth we experience many levels of radiation and/or electromagnetic energy forces/deities. We have our ups and downs just as the Sun, the Stars, the Solar System, this galaxy and all galaxies, and Universes do. Ever since we passed through a "negative" energy field created within our own mind and projected out into this physical space, we have come across a great many experience which one can define as negative or positive depending on their perspective. We are now at a time when a new beginning a new birth is at hand and like most births there is pain and suffering but in that pain and suffering is the essence of true beauty. That essence is the birth we are all embracing and seeding nourishment for generations now and generations to come for thought forms may exist at any moment and manifest many years later....

-Phillip Land

"These are my chronicles,

This is my story and

I'm stickin' to it!"

-The Black Dot


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