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MOME Publishing is proud to present the ground breaking, classic Hip Hop books, “Urban Culture Decoded" and "Hip Hop Decoded,” written by an underground street writer, The Black Dot.


Book:  Urban Culture Decoded


This book will not be conventional in the sense that it will try to provide politically correct answers to the problems that we are facing in Urban America. We must explore unconventional methods or at least view the situation from an unconventional standpoint if we wan to make any true breakthroughs. While I am in no way advocating the use of drugs, alcohol, sex, and violence, I do recognize that they are a reality within the culture. However, what if the same things that plague us could save us? My approach in this book will be one that deals with the toughest issues from a multiplicity of viewpoints. 


$10.00 Paperback


Urban Culture Decoded Book Cover by The Black Dot
Hip Hop Decoded Book Cover by The Black Dot
Book:  Hip Hop Decoded
(eBook Only)


This masterpiece takes its readers from Hip Hop’s ancient origin to its modern day Matrix. Never before has a book been written about Hip Hop through the spiritual scope of the culture, or has examined the culture from a mystical perspective. The Black Dot cleverly accomplishes both, while providing plenty of fuel for conspiracy theorist. Hip Hop Decoded reveals that Hip Hop is far deeper than just beats and rhymes, and masterfully illustrates that each element of Hip Hop (Graffiti, DJ, Emcee, and B-Boy) has an ancient origin (hieroglyphics, drummer, oracle, and dancer), as well as spiritual significance (earth, air, fire, and water). Knowledge is the fifth and most sacred element of Hip Hop, however, the most misunderstood. The Black Dot has compiled the most comprehensive study of the subject in book form. Hip Hop Decoded is the red pill for those looking to escape from the Matrix of Hip Hop, and begin the journey to uncover the truth about the culture.


$12.99 Kindle 

Album "Walk With Me" by The Black Dot
Album:  Walk With Me

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No one was killed, no crack was sold, and no women were disrespected during the making of this album! This is an album made from pure love and respect for the artform of Hip Hop. it's honest, energetic, and full of true Hip Hop essence. The Black Dot delivers a classic album that will shift the paradigm of Hip Hop back to an era when lyrics, hooks, and concepts determined how great an album was, not hype or record sales.



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